Guide Sensmart® T120V

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Designed for portability, the Guide T120V handheld thermal imaging camera is an entry-level device used for several applications, including mechanical inspection, smart manufacturing, measuring temperature differences for building diagnostics, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) inspections, electrical systems troubleshooting, and much more.

Its sensitive 120×90, 17µm, 60mK NETD thermal imaging sensor, 2.28mm f1.13 lens, and 10,800px of thermal data will quickly and easily detect hot and cold spots within the T120V’s 50° x 38° field of view — with hot and cold spot tracking to make the job easier — displaying this thermal imagery onto a 2.4”, 320×240 resolution display. The T120V will allow the user to capture photos through the device, which are stored on the 4GB of inbuilt memory.

Ergonomically designed with a large handle and oversized trigger, the T120V thermal imaging camera weighs just 350g, remaining comfortable in the hand at all times and reducing the likelihood of fatigue over long periods of inspection. Rugged and durable, with a drop test rating of 2m and an IP54 protection rating — it is even fully operational at extreme temperatures between -10°C to 50°C.

Uses a rechargeable Lithium battery to provide up to 5 hours of operation time and allow the user to confidently carry out the tasks at hand. A quick recharge takes just >2.5 hours.

6 colour palettes are included to assist in different situations, including white hot, iron red, hot iron, artic, rainbow 1, and rainbow 2.


Taking Thermal & Night Vision Outside of the UK.

Thermal imaging and night vision products are strictly controlled by ITAR regulations and are subject to UK Government Export Licensing Regulations. Dependent on specification, a licence may need to be obtained prior to the export, even temporarily (e.g. holiday), from the UK.

Additionally, some countries may be embargoed, and no thermal imagers or night vision devices can be taken or exported to them. It is the responsibility of the exporter, whether it be a company or individual, to ensure that such a licence is obtained.

Failure to comply is a criminal offence.

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