Lion’s Gear Solutions APSIS Lens Protector

SRP £21.95


Designed to protect the lenses of SiOnyx Aurora digital night vision cameras, the Lion’s Gear Aspis shield uses a 4mm thick PLEXIGLAS® lens that does not interfere with the camera lens and is strong enough to resist multiple impacts of a 0.20g BB pellet travelling at 90m/s.

The hood is 3D printed using PETG (Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol) — a thermoplastic polyester used for its significant chemical resistance — with thick and strong walls with an external diameter of 55.8mm. This material is partially flexible to allow it to easily slide over the Aurora devices, but remains tough enough to stay in place and not slip free.

The Lion’s Gear Aspis will allow for focus adjustment and features a double notch that can be aligned with the camera’s focus mark. Features a slim and smooth design to blend seamlessly with the Aurora cameras.


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