Sionyx™ 940nm 5W LED IR Illuminator Kit

SRP £239.95

Used to optimise the SiOnyx range of Aurora night vision cameras, the IR Illuminator Kit comes with a picatinny mountable 940nm invisible (eyesafe) LED IR illuminator, picatinny camera rail, wrist lanyard, x2 18650 batteries, and battery charger.


The IR torch has been tuned specifically for the Aurora sensor, providing the perfect balance of colour and brightness, allowing the user to better identify observed objects at distances of up to 105m and extending the ability to recognise targets far beyond the device’s capabilities when used without the IR illuminator.

Offers multiple mounting configurations, attaching easily to standard 1912 picatinny rails, and — for extra flexibility and to enable users to attach the IR torch directly to Aurora units — this kit includes a custom Pic rail with a ¼-20mm screw which threads easily into the bottom of Aurora devices.

The IR illuminator torch delivers 2 hours of continuous operation through the rechargeable 18650 battery, and the kit comes with a USB-charger to keep the torch operational throughout the night.

Every accessory in the SiOnyx IR Illuminator Kit are packaged in a weatherproof hard case…

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