Pulsar Releases Firmware Update 3.3 for Non-LRF Thermions

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Introducing Stream Vision Ballistics to Non-LRF Thermions

The release of the latest firmware update from Pulsar (version 3.3), introduces Stream Vision Ballistics to Thermion riflescope models without built-in laser rangefinders, enabling all the incredible features of this intuitive app via the activation of Bluetooth technology within these devices and changing the landscape for even more hunters.

Now you can connect these models to the Stream Vision Ballistics app, in which you can create up to ten ballistic profiles and upload them to your riflescope. Once these profiles are uploaded, all you need to do is disconnect from the app, navigate to the device’s main menu and select one of your saved profiles. Switch to the short menu, manually input your preferred distance to a target, and you’re off; ballistic calculations can now be made inside your riflescope and the suggest point of aim will be displayed on the device’s screen.

Plus, the addition of Bluetooth technology within these devices now allows for connection to Pulsar’s Bluetooth Wireless Remote Control, mimicking the main buttons and digital functionalities on the scope and allowing you to control your device without touching it.

Main Features of Firmware Update 3.3:

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Stream Vision Ballistics compatibility
  • Manual distance input for ballistic calculations in non-LRF models
  • Save up to 10 distance profiles
  • Rename saved profiles
  • BT Remote Control compatibility
  • Animated, smoother zoom
  • Variable zoom step for a more fluent experience when using digital zoom
  • Display dimming across all display elements for reduced eye fatigue and light bleed
  • Auto Power-Off reduces battery consumption when the device is inactive for 30 minutes
  • Red auto-calibration indicator in the status bar
  • Updated battery indicator in the status bar
  • New languages added, including:
    – Bulgarian
    – Finnish
    – Lithuanian
    – Latvian
    – Ukranian
  • Ability to change SPOA settings, including:
    – Distance visualiser in the centre of the display
    – Changing the reticle colour
    – Deactivate the SPOA via a double click

These models are now compatible:


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