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Pulsar Help & Advice


Please find below The Thomas Jacks Limited, interactive Pulsar & Yukon Brochure 2019 - Edition 2.

Please find below The Thomas Jacks Limited, interactive Pulsar & Yukon Brochure 2019 - Edition 1.

Please find below The Thomas Jacks Limited, interactive Pulsar & Yukon Brochure 2018 - Edition 2.


What is Stream Vision?

Stream Vision is a FREE software application used in the latest Digital Pulsar & Yukon devices. It allows the connection between a smartphone & Pulsar or Yukon device I.E: Digital Night Vision unit, Thermal Imager, etc.

What Can I do with Stream Vision?

- Stream vision allows you to stream live video from your optical to device to your smartphone as well as to platforms such as YouTube.

- Users can also use their Smartphone to operate their optical device remotely.

- Users transfer data from their optical device to their smartphones for storage in addition to sharing photo/video content via Gmail, Viber, Whats App, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, Hangouts, YouTube, as well as multiple google platforms.

- Users can have access to a built-in Ballistic Calculator

- Stream Vision also allows users to use their optical device a motion detector

Addtional Information?

The Stream Vision App has frequent updates offering improved functionality, features and usability. Compatible with both Android and Apple IOS. Download from Google Play or Apple iStore.

Please note that not all Pulsar and Yukon devices feature Stream Vision. If you wish to know if a device has this function please contact us for more information or visit the products web page.

Before updating the firmware make sure that your device is connected to power or battery shows the full charge.

1.) PAIR: Connect your smartphone to your device via Wi-Fi then launch the Stream Vision Application. Wait the device name appears on the home screen of the Stream Vision Application. Now your device is synchronised with the application.

2.) UNPAIR: Disconnect your smartphone from the device.

3.) CONNECT: Connect your smartphone to the internet.

4.) CHECK & DOWNLOAD: Launch the Stream Vision Application, go to My Devices and make sure that the device name listed in the panel is your current device. Press the "Check for update" button when ready. If the new firmware is available, the button will become blue with a message saying "Download new software" followed by the size. Press the button to initiate the download to your smartphone.

5.) PAIR: Connect your smartphone to your device via Wi-Fi then launch the Stream Vision Application.

6.) UPDATE: Go to My Devices and press update firmware button (highlighted in blue). The progress bar will appear on the screen of your smartphone. Wait until the firmware file will be copied to the device. The installation will start automatically. You will see the installation progress bar on the screen of your device. After the firmware update is complete, the device will shut down automatically.

Please find below the Stream Vision App Quick Guides for Android & iOS Systems.

Stream Vision Quick Guide (Android)

Stream Vision Quick Guide (iOS)


The use of rechargeable batteries is an extra option. Before using them, please consider the below listed peculiarities. The sight’s battery compartment is designed for non-rechargeable CR123A batteries.

Please pay attention to the physical size of your rechargeable batteries – they are often larger than regular batteries, this does not allow the battery compartment cover to close properly.

The thermal sight shows correctly the charge of regular 3V non-rechargeable batteries (voltage range displayed is 6 – 7.4 V). When using rechargeables (voltage range 6 – 7.4 V), low battery indicator shows false readings: the sight will detect batteries as fully charged even upon extremely low charge level, when the sight is about to switch off.

It is not recommended to discharge a Li-Ion battery below 3V. A rechargeable battery without deep discharge protection degrades after several deep discharges, and the sight will keep discharging them since 6V voltage (two 3V rechargeable batteries) is taken as indication of fully charge.

To increase self-contained operation time, we suggest that you use external power supplies which can be connected to a special port in the sight.

In this case external power has the priority. Please note that upon full discharge of external power you will have to re-start the sight (the sight does not switch automatically to battery power).


No. This function is not available. During the video signal transmission from riflescope to video recorder the reticle is present in the video file.


No, there are no thermal imagers able to look through glass because glass does not let infrared radiation within 8-13ɥm pass.

Based on its mode of functioning, a thermal imager is only able to see surface radiation of a body. They can detect cracks in the wall or defective thermal insulation but it is not able to see through the wall.

Calibration levels background temperature of the microbolometer and eliminates image flaws (such as vertical stripes, ghost images of objects etc.). Intervals between calibrations depend on operating time: the longer a thermal imager operates in continuous mode, the less frequent calibration is required.

It is not recommended that the thermal imager with open lens cap is pointed at powerful sources of energy (unit emitting laser radiation or the Sun), because it may negatively impact the accuracy of the thermal imager. Do not use your thermal unit at temperatures exceeding +50 °С as high temperature may damage the unit.

Thermal imagers are absolutely safe because the unit itself does not emit anything but only receives and analyses the incoming signal (infrared emission from objects).

No, the Quantum monocular is not designed to be installed on a rifle and used as a riflescope.

The light or dark spot effect in the centre of the image in Quantum thermal imagers may appear if the objective lens is in unfocused position when observing objects with an even temperature background.

This effect is either not present or insignificant when focusing directly on a certain object. The spot effect is due to the constructive peculiarity of the objective lens and is most visible in extreme non-operating lens focus positions when observing objects with uniform low temperature contrast, i.e. clear sky. This is not a defect.


Suggested tightening force is 6Nm, maximum is 7Nm. Screws break at 8Nm.

Cover Ring Adaptors are special mounts that attach to the objective lens of a day optic. This allows for the installation of additional devices such as front mounted NV or thermal units, etc.

Insert Rings are moulded to fit specifically sized objective lenses. This ensures that the Cover Ring Adaptor Attaches to the objective lens housing safely.

Please Note that Cover Ring Adaptors and their inserts can remain on a day scope to act as a protective cover when not in use.


Refresh frame rate (measured in Hertz – “Hz”) tells you how many times a second the thermal image is refreshed on unit’s display. Higher refresh rate makes observation of fast moving objects more comfortable. The lowest frame rate is 9Hz. It is important to know that thermal imagers with a refresh rate of 30Hz and 50Hz may have export limitations depending on the laws in your region.

Due to various thermal conductivity, objects (surrounding environment, background) under observation get warm faster at positive temperatures, which allows higher temperature contrast and, thus, quality of the image produced by a thermal imager, will be better. At low operating temperatures objects under observation (background) normally cool down to roughly equal temperatures, which leads to lower temperature contrast, and to image quality (precision) degradation.

In most cases the cover has not been closed or has been incorrectly closed. Another case may be the use of commercial rechargeable batteries. A vast amount of commercial rechargeable batteries a wider than non-rechargeable, this can result in an imperfect fit which can lead to the aforementioned problem.

When placing any battery or power source into a device please take care and follow the instructions correctly. If the problem continues please contact us for further assistance.

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