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Pulsar Digiforce X970


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Digiforce X970

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Pulsar Digiforce X970 Digital




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Digiforce X970

Product Description

The Pulsar Digiforce X970 is a compact and lightweight Digital Night Vision Monocular. Offering great performance, the unit is resistant to bright light exposure.

The X970 features a 4x to 8x magnification, and provides a detection range of up to 450m depending on environmental conditions. It is equipped with a sensitive CCD array in combination with the latest software, enabling the Digiforce X970 to be used in low light environments without using the built-in eyesafe 915nm Laser IR illuminator.

The 640x480 AMOLED display provides a crisp and detailed image even in sub-zero temperatures and the underside of the unit also has a video-out port. The Digiforce X970 features a mount fitting, which combines a ¼" tripod socket (to enable tripod mounting), a Weaver short rail to enable mounting different accessories, including; auxiliary IRs, sound amplification, EPS battery packs and other systems.


- Built-in laser IR Illuminator
- Large high resolution display
- Sensitive CCD array
- Long Viewing Range
- Distortion-free Eyepiece Enhancing Image Sharpness/Contrast
- High Aperture Lens (F/d=1.0)
- High Resolution
- Compact & Lightweight
- Video Output (NTSC)
- Resistant to Bright Light Exposure (suitable for daytime set-up)
- Contrast Gain Function
- Range Finding Graticule
- Can Be Powered By External Power Supply’s

CLICK HERE for the Digiforce X970 Manual