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Spypoint Help & Advice



The voltage of rechargeable batteries (AA = 1.2V) is lower than non-rechargeable batteries (AA = 1.5V). Rechargeable batteries are insufficient to power your SPYPOINT camera.

• Infrared LEDs consume a lot of energy. Batteries consume 10 times less during day time photos

• The VIDEO mode consumes more energy than the PHOTO mode

• Cold weather also influences the battery life. A 12 volt battery is the best for winter; lithium battery pack is also less affected by temperature than alkaline batteries

• The number of photos taken daily (day time and night time) influences battery life

1. Make sure you're not using NiMh batteries because they don't supply enough voltage.

2. Make sure that the camera is not set to electricity mode with AA batteries, lithium battery pack or a 12V external battery. The electricity mode must only be used with a 12V AC/DC power supply because the camera always stays awake and continuously consumes energy.

1. Try to power the camera with brand new alkaline batteries, a lithium battery pack (if applicable), a 12V external battery or any 12V power source to find out if the problem is caused by a weak power source.

2. Make sure that you don't use NiMh rechargeable batteries (AA or C) because they can only supply 1.2V. Alkaline batteries supply 1.5V. A SPYPOINT camera needs at least 7V to work properly.

3. If you can, measure your batteries’ voltage with a voltmeter. Over 1.35V is good.

4. Make sure that the 2 LIT-09 lithium battery contacts are touching properly (top right and left). If not, gently pry the metal plate to make good contact.

5. Make sure that the switch inside the battery compartment is set properly (for the cameras with this switch, or verify the option “LIT-09 charger” in your camera menu (if applicable). Refer to the “Power” section of your user’s manual or to the question “How to choose the ALK/LIT-09 (or RECH) switch position?” in this page.


Some digital cameras block all files that have not been created by a product from their manufacturer (Nikon, Canon, Kodak…). It is important to know that not all digital cameras are compatible with each other and it is possible that a digital camera can be compatible with one model and not the other. Here’s a little tip that can improve the chances of compatibility:

1. Format the SD card with via the digital camera.

2. Take a picture with it.

3. Remove the card from the digital camera and place it in the SPYPOINT camera.

4. Take pictures with the SPYPOINT camera.

You should be able to view your SPYPOINT pictures with your digital camera from now on. By formatting the card with the digital camera, it creates a directory to its name in which the SPYPOINT camera will be able to store its pictures and then the digital camera should be able to view them. This will not work with all digital cameras and if still doesn’t work after that, it means both cameras are simply not compatible.

1. The IR-A, IR-B, IR-C and FL-A models support SD cards with a capacity between 64Mb and 2 GB. SD cards with a capacity of over 2 GB (SDHC/SDXC) are not supported by these camera models.

2. Blow compressed air into the SD card slot. Sometimes dirt or dust gets into the slots and keeps the pins from making good contact and blowing compressed air cleans the pins.

(ex: FUL, Memory card full, disk full, LOC)

1. Make sure that the SD card is not actually full or locked.

2. Blow compressed air into the SD card slot. Sometimes dirt or dust gets into the slots and keeps the pins from making good contact and blowing compressed air cleans the pins.

You have to update your camera's software with the last update available on from the SPYPOINT web site.


The camera can be configured for usage in trails. This situation usually presents low activity level, fast subjects and a small number of photos is expected. These settings increase the chances of capturing animals that follow each other.

The camera can also be configured for usage at a feeder's site. This situation usually presents high activity level, slow subjects and a large number of photos is expected. These settings moderate the number of photos taken while capturing overall activity on feeder's site.

NOTE: When these recommended settings are not adapted to the situation, battery life can be affected


The Booster Antenna is designed for Spypoint Trail Cameras that are outside of normal network coverage. The Booster Antenna offers a Gain of up to 5 dBi (between 1-2 signal bars) within low coverage areas. Good coverage areas may not necessarily receive as high a boost.

The Booster Antenna is compatible with LTE (Long Term Evolution), as well as 4G, 3G and other lower speed networks.

LINK Series Trail Camera's are provided with Truphone SIM cards, allowing you to manage your account, settings and photos through the FREE Spypoint App. For more information on the provided SIM cards or related queries please contact one of the below options for more information.

- Spypoint Website: Features online customer support for a fast response to issues (CLICK HERE! )
- Thomas Jacks Limited: Exclusive UK Distributor ( )


Please find below The Thomas Jacks Limited, interactive Spypoint 2020 Consumer Brochure.

Please find below The Thomas Jacks Limited, interactive Spypoint 2019 Consumer Brochure.

Please find below The Thomas Jacks Limited, interactive 2018 Spypoint Consumer Brochure.

Please find below The Thomas Jacks Limited, interactive 2016 Spypoint Consumer Brochure.


SPYPOINT'S exclusive Buck Tracker Antler & Species Recognition truly sets itself apart in the trail camera market. It is offered FREE of charge.

BUCK TRACKER for LINK APP filters photos in the application in one simple click. Chose the buck/species icon and received the notifications you want to see, when you need to see them. LEARN MORE HERE!

Going forwards all cameras are on a Free plan which gives them 100 photos per month, so there is no 30 day limit. Please see here for further info.